Walking regularly to keep yourself health and to reduce body weight

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Hypocrites said that walking is the best medicine. He is a greek physician and he is known as the father of medicine. Undoubtedly he was a smart man.

Recent researches proved that is very much necessary for our health. These researchers are quite interesting. Walk reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Moreover, it reduces the risk of high blood pressure, increases bone density, helps in weight reduction. It has many benefits actually.

Walking prevents Diabetes-

According to a study of Diabetes Prevention Programme, If you walk 150 minutes every week and reduce 7% of your body weight, the chance of diabetes will be 58% less. According to a study with nurses (72488), who walk more than 3 hours a week have 35% less risk of heart attack.

Walking is good for your brain-

A research about walking and brain function revealed an interesting information. Women who walk more than one and a half an hour in a week have more brain power and they are able to learn quickly than those women who less than 40 minutes in a week. Moreover, they have less chance of memory loss. So think, how much important is walking for us!Walking

Walking is beneficial for your bones-

Research shows that during postmenopausal period women who walk around 1 mile daily have a strong bone with more density than those women who walk less than that.b

Walking reduces the symptoms of depression-

If you walk 30 minutes in one spell for 3-5 times a week and continue for 12 weeks, it will reduce the symptoms of depression. According to standard written questions about depression, we know that it will reduce your depression by 47%.

Walking reduces the chance of breast cancer-

Women who walk for 1¼ – 2½ hours in a week have 18% less risk of breast cancer than those women who are inactive. Another study shows that it also reduces the risk of carcinoma of the rectum.

Walking increases your fitness-

Walking for 30 minutes for 3 times in a week markedly increases the fitness of your lungs and heart. If you walk less than that it will help too. A study with very much idle women shows that, if you walk for a small duration in several spells (10 minutes spell, 3 times a day) then it will help to reduce your body fat just like a woman who walk for 30 minutes daily.

Walk increases your physiological stability-

According to researchers, walk increases your fitness and physiological capacity. It helps to prevent diseases in old people.

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