Taking Care of a Pregnant Woman

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To achieve complete physical and mental growth of a baby in the womb, it’s a must to keep the mother healthy. For this reason, a woman needs to be careful about her own health as well as her family should be conscious about her Pregnant Woman health status.

For both the mother and the child, It’s important to take care of the pregnant woman’s health. According to a health study of 2009, In every year 28000 women die as a result of complications arising from pregnancy. As well as, 83 newborn die every year out 1000.

In most of the cases, early death of mother and child is preventable. But this prevention is not arising in our country because of lackings in health, education, and awareness. That’s why we have to know and inform others about how to take care of a woman.

Things we should do during pregnancy :

After having confirmation about pregnancy from a doctor the pregnant woman should maintain her doctor’s advice and she should take regular checkup. On due time, she must take tetanus vaccine too.

During pregnancy, after doing normal household chores, she should complete rest for 2 hours and sleep at night for at least 8 hours. It’s better to take walk in the afternoon for some time. At first, 3 / 4 months of pregnancy if a woman exhausts herself by doing heavy works then it may result in abortion. Doing heavy works in last 3 / 4 months increase the risk of having an unhealthy and underweighted child.

During taking a shower every day, any residual skin on the breast surface should be removed and the nipple should be elevated with the help of fingers.

Tight dresses should be avoided during pregnancy. Before going to the hospital prepare necessary dresses and towels for your child and yourself. Before taking a long journey or a journey by plane, you should consult with your doctor.

Consult with your doctor immediately if you face the following signs – swelling of the leg, more or less amount of hemorrhage, decreased the frequency of micturition, yellow discoloration of the eyes, decreased movements of the child in the womb, visual disturbance, sleep disturbance, headache or any other severe problem.

Some normal problems of pregnancy :

Nausea and distaste in food are very normal. Eat anything according to your choice. But it’s better to avoid a large amount of milk or pulses. Chest pain and indigestion are some normal symptoms of pregnancy. That’s why easily digestible but nutritious food should be taken.

Moreover, a large amount of water, juice, fruits like bael, banana, guava, milk with rice or bread, spatula husk should be taken as these things help to prevent constipation. To prevent back pain, a pregnant woman should take vegetables, small fish, milk, egg, butter that means foods rich in vitamin D and calcium. You should consult with your doctor immediately if you have the following symptoms – palpitation, itching, gum swelling or gum bleeding, piles and swelling of leg veins.

Emergency / Complicated pregnancy state –

Delivery of the baby should not be done at home in following conditions :pregnant woman

If age of the mother is less than 16 years

If it’s her first pregnancy or if it’s pregnancy number 5 or more and the age is 30 years

If the mother has diabetes, any disease of heart and kidney

A pregnant woman from uneducated family or from a family of the low socio-economic condition, who never visited a doctor after becoming pregnant.

If she is having pregnancy after a very long time of marriage

Previous cesarean section operation or other complications

High blood pressure (above 140/90 mm Hg)

Bleeding per vagina


If 10-14 days have passed already after the due date of delivery


Twin baby

Abnormal presentation or position of the child in the womb

If duration of labor becomes more than 14-18 hours

Interrupted pregnancy

If water breaks before the estimated time

Reduction of movement of the child during pregnancy or delivery.

Diet list of a pregnant woman :

An adult woman needs 2160 kilocalorie daily while a pregnant woman needs 350 kilocalories more than that of a normal adult woman. Otherwise, her child will be born as a underweighted baby who will suffer from malnutrition. It increases the risk of morbidity and mortality.

During pregnancy, a woman should take food containing protein along with fat which is derived from plant sources like edible oil, soybean, mustard, almond, nuts. She can take calcium containing foods like milk, steamed broccoli, cheese, yogurt containing less amount of fat. You can take one cup of calcium rich orange juice or soy milk or four ounces canned shaman fish.

Raw banana, Kochu shark and other green and red leafy vegetables, fish, meat, and egg contain a large amount of iron and folic acid. To fulfill the need of vitamins you should take enough vegetables, sweet and sour fruits and juice.

Water helps to supply nutrients to the child in the womb and helps in excretion of waste products. That’s why a pregnant woman should take 15-20 glasses of water daily but not more than 2 glasses at once. Carbohydrate increases body weight, so she should take fibre-rich rice and bread made of wheat etc.

Potato and sweet potato, both are healthy food which complements the necessity of carbohydrate along with protein, iron, thiamin, vitamins etc. But remember you must cook vegetables, egg, fish or meat properly before eating.

Liver or other foods like this should not be taken in large amount. Because these foods contain a very large amount of vitamin A which may cause harm to the child and may result in unwanted delivery of the baby.

Some foods like raw papaya, potato, chickpea, carrot, beet, cauliflower, coriander leaf, basil leaf, almond, nuts, etc contain some substance which may cause harm to the embryo if these are eaten uncooked. So the chance of abortion increases. But if these foods are cooked properly before eating then those harmful substances will be destroyed. Then these foods are ready to eat without any problem. Even pineapple is sometimes harmful in pregnancy.

The best exercise for a pregnant woman is walking and breathing exercise. These two are easy and safe in pregnancy.

For the mother’s mental well-being it’s better to walk daily in natural surroundings and having some sort of recreational activities. Religious activities and not having discussions about scandals of other people are very helpful to achieve a peaceful life. Try to stay away from smokers and patients with any viral disease. It’s a nice habit to think good always.

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