Seven Symptoms Of Heart Attack of a Woman

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Generally, symptoms of heart attack of woman do not resemble with that of a man always, Specialists of heart disease gave this opinion. High blood pressure, tension, unhealthy food habit and smoking – these are the main causes of heart attack.

To save yourself from the deadly attempt of heart attack, you should better learn about symptoms of heart attack Leading Indian newspaper Times of India says, there are 7 symptoms of heart attack

1-Depression: Heart specialists say, after having a heart attack at least 70 percent women claim that they felt more depressed than any other time in the month of their heart attack.

2-Sleeping problem: Along with depression, they face a sleeping problem. Before nearly one month, they start to sleep less. So you should not avoid it if you have sleeping problems.symptoms of heart attack

3-Tension and Mental Pressure: Mental pressure is one of the risk factors for the heart attack. Researchers found that many women face severe mental pressure before having a heart attack. So try to control your mental pressure if you are facing any problem.

4-Indigestion and Nausea: Before having a heart attack a woman may face stomach pain, intestinal cramp, nausea, indigestion etc. So do not avoid these types of problems and contact with your doctor.

5-Respiratory insufficiency: If there is not sufficient blood supply to the lungs, it cannot take enough air from the atmosphere. It results in trouble breathing and respiratory insufficiency. During working or going up stairs she will face problem in respiration. This is one of the main cause of heart attack. In such a condition, consult your doctor immediately.

6-Common Cold and Flu: Many women face common cold and flu before having a heart attack.Other symptoms are- profuse sweating, vertigo and they remain persistently. Before having a heart attack one may face such problems.

7-Pain in the jaw, ear, neck, and shoulder: Many women said that heart attack produces pain on the left side of the chest which radiates to the jaw, ear, neck, and shoulder. At this time, they also felt muscle rigidity. Consult with a doctor immediately if such problems arise.

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