Know the symptoms of advanced cancer

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The increase in the number of symptoms of advanced cancer patients is much higher. And every day the number of patients is increasing at an alarming rate. Smoking, sun, chemicals, for various reasons, including excess weight cancer  that any man can be affected.

The survey is usually 4 to 1 person died of cancer patients. But the lack of treatment due to negligence, the number rose to 3.

Do not like the way a lot of time to learn the signs of cancer in the body due to the spread of cancer. The higher the spread, which can not be cured by treatment.  Well, do you know the signs of cancer at an early stage allowing treatment to eliminate cancer as possible? Allowing us to know the signs of cancer.

Excessive weight loss-

Not only reduce weight without any trouble, and there is nothing to be happy. It may be a sign of cancer. Changes in diet or eating habits to lose weight is not a problem.

The problem with any diet or eating habits to lose weight if you do not change. And if higher declines. Of course, you need to go to the doctor for a checkup.

Persistent fever and cough-

Cold or fever or a cough a little bit during the season of change who we care doing none. If you have a fever but pulled up and started to cough, then certainly need to go to the doctor. Because of the persistent fever and cough may be blood cancer, lymphoma, leukaemia symptoms.  Do not neglect persistent fever and cough never lie.

Additional and often headache and pain in the spine –

Many migraine head pain you’ve suffered. Many cold legs and head pain. But the continuous extra head pain is not a good sign. Please check up the doctor for advice.

Additional may cause a headache, “brain cancer” signs. If you can not sit back and spine pain is the continuous pain in the spine because we do not care. But it may be a sign of cancer. So do not neglect to enter the check-up.

Swelling or lump under the skin colouring –cancer

The first and the main sign of cancer of the body swelling or a lump under the skin of the cocoon cocoon-like bumps roll feel. However, this cocoon around the chest or breasts is considered a sign of cancer or genital arise. Other parts of the body such as the hands, feet, there is nothing to fear arise.

Unusual bleeding –

A cough with mucus or blood is considered to be a sign of lung cancer. The urine – and could be wearing bladder cancer is blood in the stool. Symptoms of breast cancer from the breast wearing blood. These symptoms require immediate medical attention.

Skin changes –

The small grains of skin or skin colour changes sometimes, no reason to blur things like injuries sign of melanoma. That is a sign of skin cancer. These spots on the note or changes. Consult your doctor to change the course of any skin type.

Very quickly become tired and fatigue rift –

 A lot of busy work, or if we feel tired. I am often tired and fatigue to the rift with the work.

The fatigue after a long time and I do not think that we can not rest on our weight. But we can not think and it may be a sign of cancer. Though feeling a little tired and fatigue go to the doctor for a checkup to be neglecting.

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