Scientists were surprised Common Swift birds

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Birds fly in the sky, it’s normal. But for how long? Swift consecutive months without a break of any kind of unusual birds flying in the sky that has surprised scientists.  Scientists at Lund University in Sweden, said the study, medium-sized migratory birds’ Common Swift, could fly for as much time without any break, that the world is no longer a bird do not be. Common Swift, so the birds fly in the sky to scientists ‘trips to the world’s longest natural’ has been described as a record.  The scientists recently published data, common Swift 10 Months  could fly continuously without a break.
swift-birdsThere were a long-time Alpine Swift birds flying in the sky occupied by the record. Most of the birds in the sky may be six months. According to the current study, however, the record is now held by the Common Swift Nesting, Common Swift birds , because the birds can fly continuously for ten months.  This examination Swift 13 species of birds, scientists kept track of the movements of the two years. Can be seen, the flies are breeding. Common Swift breeding birds during the next 10 months, they come back.  About 99.5 percent of the 10-month long journey they flew in the sky. For a very short period of rest. Swift Some common birds have been the case for 10 months, and they never take a break, did not touch the ground. They were seen in the night more than a day’s journey.  Scientists said it is very surprising that the birds flying in the sky may be 10 months without any rest. As the animals and birds need sleep, so common in birds Swift birds Scientists estimates, the highlight of the slowly falling down, the birds were asleep.

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