Know the foods that help to stop pimples

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If you have pimples, you must have tried everything to try to get rid of them. Even the craziest homemade recipes, the lemon-based (which can burn and spot the skin if exposed to the sun) is on the list of follies that some people have already done to try to get rid of the pimples in a quick way, do not they?

This, of course, not to mention the cost and wear and tear of a conventional treatment to stop pimples. The famous Roacutan, for example, although efficient, has unpleasant side effects, not to mention the high cost of keeping medication on schedule.

What no one, however, knows is that a simple way to stop pimples, without medicines and without extra spending, is by investing in a healthy diet. Who guarantees this is the dermatologist Dr Doris Day, who spoke on the subject in an interview with the site Likeconsult.

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stop pimples

As you will see, according to the expert, there are vitamins and other specific nutrients that help control skin oiliness and combat skin inflammation, which avoids and helps to improve acne. All these details, incidentally, you check in the list below.

But before you understand what can help end pimples, you need to understand that some other types of food stimulate oiliness and the appearance of pimples on the skin. Carbohydrate, especially refined sugar; And lactose, with emphasis on skimmed milk and its derivatives; Are all good examples of what should be avoided if you have a mission to keep your skin clean.

Know the foods that help to stop pimples:


stop pimples

If you have very oily skin, consume carrots regularly, as well as other foods rich in vitamin A (such as sweet potatoes, mango, spinach and cabbage), can greatly help. Although few people know, this type of vitamin provides the slight dryness of the skin and acts as a protection against inflammation and, therefore, also helps to end the pimples.

Chestnuts and nuts

stop pimples

Foods rich in so-called “good fats”, such as Omega 3’s and 6’s, have anti-inflammatory properties and help prevent the pimple’s inflammation. This type of nutrient is found mainly in nuts, nuts and fish.


stop pimples

Another type of good fat, which helps to stop pimples, are vegetable fats, such as avocado. Like carrots, this fruit is rich in vitamin A, among other nutrients. Coconut oil is also a great choice of vegetable shortening that can be consumed day-to-day.

See, how do you get rid of the pimples without taking medicine? Now, if after that matter, you still plan to continue squeezing your acne, be sure to check it out yet:  Dermatologist succeeds on the web with videos squeezing blackheads and pimples.

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