Chinese spacecraft to orbit Earth

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spacecraft China on Monday morning sent two Astronaut Earth orbit. The project is seen as part of efforts to enhance the capacity of the country’s space mission.
Chinese officials, China’s Jiuquan Satellite Launched centre two cosmonauts to the left.China’s aerospace research and testing in Like Plan Tiyan Guam two spacecraft Wilt and there will be 30 days. It will be a long time Chinese astronauts in space position.
Jing happens (49) and Chen dance (37) -11 Sena Jha U carrying the spacecraft started at half past seven in the morning local time. A “Long March II F rocket into space it took. The two astronauts in space twice Jing happen already has operations.
Tiyanagam II will take two days to reach the astronauts. They also grow in space and their effects on the body position of the experiments run. The people long to live in ti yan gam mission is to test the usefulness of the goal. China’s previous space missions to the moon or Mars ETI Saha People passenger is seen as preparing to send spacecraft.
China’s space program has been steadily strengthened. The astronauts already on the outside of the spacecraft ‘space walk’ or ‘away’ from work. Russia and the United States, China, the only country that has to go into space People passenger.

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