Daily serious damage to your brain that 7 bad habits

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serious damage After the brain, and for all our activities, we are dependent. The first major work to manage our bodies and our brains. We are an inert substance, other than the brain. But we do work totally for the recovery of our brain?

We have forgotten the physical health of the brain. Without apparent harm our bodies and brains to bind and heal diseases. Can damage the brain. May be surprised to hear some of our bad habits and wrong intentions of each and every day of our brain.

Make breakfast

Much very indifferent about the breakfast. But we all night without stopping, and the inside of our body, but does not stop. If you do not have breakfast in the morning is a shortage of sugar in the body, which is bound to reach the required nutrients to the brain. The right brain can not function and brain functions, such as power decreases.serious damage brain

Eat a lot more

Many of the meals, with the exception of the sixth round, cultivate the habit of eating more. It is bad enough for the brain to the body longer and more severe. At the excessive intake of sugar and other nutrients in the body increases the rush. And brain veins – veins harden. As a result, the brain loses the ability to work.

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Smoking and drinking

Both smoking and drinking habits do serious damage to the brain. Smoking is like a curse, especially for the brain. Smoking vein veins in the brain to narrow. The nutrition, blood and oxygen supply, etc., are not the right way. The memory of losing arrow is facing severe brain cells.

Too much sugar in the diet

Too much sugar in the body, especially the brain protein foods and nutrient absorption capacity decrease each round. As a result, brain neurons and cell growth are turned off. And the brain does not improve. So little of the extra sugar foods to eat to keep away from.

Do not sleep or less sleep

Many are busy or if you want to sleep much less. The brain damage is severe.serious damage e to the brain cells that long this bad habit.

During sleep, resting his head covered

For the brain is another serious bad habit of being covered sleep. The respiratory time that the head is more oxygen than carbon dioxide goes to the body. Permanent damage to the brain, lack of oxygen in the tissues.

Illness forced to work

A lot of pressure of work, many are sick to work under pressure in the body. The damage to the brain than the body. Brain hemorrhage is severe damage to the work of this kind. And the difficulty of getting to senseless dementia occurs.

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