Organic Sap to Quit Smoking

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To quit smoking strong will is sufficient enough. But many people use anti-tobacco gum or lozenge to give up smoking. Scientists said that organic sap which can be obtained from a common plant in Europe will be very useful. Sap obtained from laburnum or golden rain tree is more effective than other anti-tobacco substances. (News source: PTI)

Laburnum (laburnum anagnorises) grows everywhere in Europe. From this plant, an alkaloid named cytisine is released which very useful to give up smoking. It helps to give up smoking by preventing entrance of nicotine into a specific part of the brain. If someone takes a large amount of cytisine, it will be harmful just like nicotine. But a small amount is not harmful.quit smoking

Cytisine is produced commercially in Bulgaria and Poland. From the year 1960, in west Europe cytisine is used as a helpful agent to give up smoking. Recently scientists of New Zealand have done a new research on cytisine.

1300 volunteers divided into two groups took part in this research. One group was provided with cytisine tablet and the another group was provided with common anti-tobacco agents. It revealed that those who took cytisine became more successful in giving up smoking than the others.

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