Evening primrose oil: know everything about the supplement that can relieve PMS symptoms and also contribute to a beautiful and healthy skin

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Primrose ( Oenothera biennis ), a common medicinal plant in North America, through its seeds is extracted primrose oil, famous for its various applications and benefits.

The evening primrose oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, good fats, which can provide numerous health benefits.

Some of the benefits of primrose oil are: controlling cholesterol levels, controlling female hormones, relieving PMS and menopause symptoms, moisturising the skin, and lowering blood pressure.

Primrose oil: what is it for?

primrose oil

The evening primrose oil is rich in essential fatty acids, those that our body can not produce. Therefore, we need to ingest them through a balanced diet. The highlight of primrose oil is the fatty acid linolenic gamma (GLA).

Fatty acid linolenic gamma is part of the family of omega 6 fatty acids, work very well to reduce chronic inflammation, and indicated for the treatment of rheumatic diseases.

This fatty acid also helps strengthen heart health by lowering cholesterol levels, helping to control blood glucose, atopic eczema, hypertension, alcoholism, premenstrual syndrome and menopausal symptoms.

Evening Primrose Oil: Benefits

Weight loss

The evening primrose oil is not responsible for the weight loss itself but is a very important fatty acid to reduce inflammation that weight loss period, provided that combined with a balanced diet and physical activity.

This mechanism is explained by the decrease in fat reserves, since it stimulates the body to use this nutrient as a source of energy; Besides reducing the glucose levels in the bloodstream, consequently favoring the decrease of the appetite; Rebalancing the hormonal function, improving the metabolism and hindering the retention of liquids and the uncontrolled appetite. 

Relieves PMS and menopausal symptoms

The evening primrose oil is associated with several benefits to our health, including relief of the symptoms of PMS and menopause. It is widely used to lessen those feelings of hot flashes, nocturnal hot flashes.

In addition, it also helps increase the availability of calcium, preventing it from being excreted in the urine during menopause, improving the bone health of the woman.

Good for the skin

The consumption of 1.2g of primrose oil twice a day for 12 weeks improves skin hydration, providing greater elasticity and firmness.

Reduces blood pressure

The evening primrose oil has an antiplatelet activity, which improves blood flow and relieves symptoms of hypertension.

Helps in the treatment of breast cancer

Being responsible for hormonal regulation during PMS and menopause, Evening Primrose Oil is highly recommended to aid in the treatment of breast cancer by helping to alleviate hormonal disorders and pain in the breasts.

Allied of the bones

The evening primrose oil is a great ally for the treatment of osteoporosis and osteopenia, however, it is necessary to combine evening primrose oil, omega 3 intake, thereby increasing the production of collagen and osteocalcin.

Primrose oil: indications

primrose oil

In addition to important benefits, Evening Primrose oil is also indicated as an aid in various types of treatment:

  • Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Treatment of eczema;
  • Diabetes control;
  • Reduction of bad cholesterol;
  • It acts in the reduction of inflammation, platelet aggregation and muscle tone;
  • Activates lymphocytes, inhibits cholesterol synthesis and lowers blood pressure;
  • Combats ageing of the skin, keeping it healthy and hydrated;
  • Acts on the regulation of body temperature, energy expenditure by the body and other activities;
  • It is a great supplier of GLA and LA acid, important for the control and maintenance of the body’s immunity.

How to consume

Primrose oil capsules should be ingested with liquids, preferably with water or juice, after main meals such as lunch and dinner. This is because they need some source of fat to be better absorbed and used by our body.

The evening primrose oil may be combined with other vegetable oils linseed oil primarily to a good source of omega-3. The balance of omega-6 (like GLA) and omega-3 are more beneficial to health than the isolated use of one or the other.

Care for consumption

The evening primrose oil may be used in cases of dermatitis, psoriasis, diabetic neuropathy, hyperglycaemia, multiple sclerosis, eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, premenstrual and menopausal acid supplementation as omega-6 (GLA) and endometriosis.

Primrose oil consumption is not indicated for epileptic patients treated with phenothiazines, since it may cause a temporal lobe epilepsy.

To know how to take, follow the correct dosage indicated by a specialised professional, doctor or nutritionist.

Side Effects of Evening Primrose Oil

Typically, the consumption of evening primrose oil does not cause any side effects. However, in some cases, it can cause symptoms such as a headache, nausea and indigestion.

Recommended quantity

To ensure all the benefits of evening primrose oil, a daily dosage of 500mg-1,000mg of the supplement is recommended. Check for other doses for specific conditions:

  • Weight loss: To reduce appetite and speed up metabolism, two daily 500 mg capsules are recommended immediately before breakfast and lunch;
  • Eczema: 1,300 mg / 2 times daily;
  • TPM: 3 to 4 grammes daily;
  • Treatment of infertility: 500 mg / 3 x daily;
  • Hormonal rebalancing: 1,500 mg daily, from the first day of the menstrual cycle until ovulation;
  • Hair loss: 500 mg / 2 x a day;
  • Acne: 1,300 mg / 2 x daily;
  • Rheumatoid arthritis: 500 mg / 2 x daily;
  • Osteoporosis: 6 grammes daily (combine the oil with a source of calcium);
  • Skin health: 500 mg / 2 x daily

Before beginning the intake of primrose oil capsules consult your doctor and/or nutritionist for the correct dosage for your purpose.

Primrose oil: price

When buying your Evening Primrose Oil, check out the provenance of the product. Give preference to the darkest packages, which prevents oxidation of the oil.

You find primrose oil capsules in pharmacies and natural products stores. The price ranges from $ 20.00 to $ 50.00.


The evening primrose oil was effective treatments for various situations where there is inflammation.

Like any medicine, before beginning supplementation, talk to your doctor and/or nutritionist to see if primrose oil is the best option to achieve your goal.

And always remember, being a high omega 6 food/supplement, talk to your nutritionist to find out if the omega6 x omega3 ratio is appropriate.

Regardless of the dosage of pre-ovum oil supplementation, it is always important that the diet is done in a balanced way, associated with physical activity practices.

And have you ever made use of it? For what purpose? Had the expected result? Tell us in the comments!

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