10 Physical Stress Symptoms You May Have and Do not Recognize

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everyone knows that irritability, emotional instability, and tension are classic symptoms of those under severe stress, but what people do not even realize is that depending on the “burden on the shoulders,” there may also be some physical symptoms of stress. Or are you going to say that you never feel a little sick for being stressed?

By all indications, people who are exposed daily to great stresses may begin to present, as a consequence, hair loss, stomach problems and even allergies. Can you believe?

Worst of all is that the physical symptoms of stress do not stop there. As you will see in the list below, there are many other signs that appear through the body due to emotional instability and hormonal discharges from the tension in the body, as you have already checked here.

Incidentally, as you will get a chance to compare, several of the symptoms listed can be mistaken for signs of other illnesses, up to the person’s depression.  Can you believe?

1. Difficulty sleeping

Physical symptoms of stress

One of the most classic physical symptoms of stress is difficulty sleeping. This happens, according to experts, because, depending on the level of stress, the person can not slow down the body and mind and this hinders sleep.

2. Hair Loss

Physical symptoms of stress

As you’ve seen here, losing a few strands of hair a day is normal, but when the fall is excessive, the cause may be more serious.

3. Constant fatigue

Physical symptoms of stress

The fast pace of work, problems to solve and insomnia are the recipe for achieving a constant feeling of tiredness. Although it can be a symptom of several other problems, if associated with other symptoms described here, it may be that your case is stress.

4. Skin Allergies

Physical symptoms of stress

Sudden skin irritations, without you ever experience this kind of reaction, may be one of the physical symptoms of stress. According to experts, when the mind is overloaded, it is common for the symptoms to appear through the body.

5. Gastritis and ulcers

physical symptoms of stress

Poor diet and times of stress increase the damage to the stomach wall, which can lead to more serious consequences, such as gastritis and ulcers.

6. Muscle Tension

physical symptoms of stress

Another of the more classic physical symptoms of stress is muscle tension, especially in the neck, shoulders and jaw region, which can even cause some people to grind their teeth at night. Physical exercises and stress reduction on a day to day basis can help solve this problem.

7. Low immunity

physical symptoms of stress

Constant stress can also significantly lower the body’s immunity, leaving a “door open” to numerous diseases.

8. Constant headache

physical symptoms of stress

Headaches should not be underestimated if they become something constant in your life. Also because they can be indicators of other problems even more serious than crises of stress.

9. Changes in appetite

physical symptoms of stress

Losing the urge to eat or being in the mood to eat too much can be red signals for stress. This is one of the first symptoms of our body when something goes wrong in our psychological, as you have already seen on this other matter.

10. Dizziness

physical symptoms of stress

Feeling dizzy may be a sign of various problems, such as labyrinthine seizures, but it can also be one of the physical signs of stress. This is because, as experts explain, getting under highly stressful situations can generate a certain irritation in the labyrinth, the internal organ of the ear, responsible for maintaining our balance.

And you, live with these symptoms? If so, better to seek a doctor to help you cope with your daily stress, huh !?

Now, speaking of stress, this other matter will give you an excellent reason to try to remain calm, Caminho: To become angry grows, according to Science.

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