Some embarrassing problems of period and their solution

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We all know that in any kind of health related problem we should consult with a doctor. But in the case of some health issues like period related problems, many women do not want to consult with a doctor, even some them feel ashamed to talk about it. If you are facing such problems then you must consult with a gynecologist. Now let’s discuss such problems and their solution.

1-Why is toilet habit changed during the period?

During a period body’s mechanism is changed due to a hormone named prostaglandin which causes contraction of the uterus and results in pain.

It brings upon changes in our gastrointestinal system. That’s why we have to go to the toilet frequently. When there is the deficiency of prostaglandin it may cause constipation too. But during a period if your stool is greasy then you should better consult with a gynecologist as it indicates another type of health problem.

2-Toxic shock syndrome – Is it a major health problem?

Most of the women know that during the period if you do not change your sanitary pad or tampon regularly then it may produce toxic shock syndrome. In this condition, these symptoms may appear – high fever, low blood pressure, confusion, weakness. It may even result in disastrous health condition like coma or organ failure. If you’re facing any symptoms of toxic shock syndrome then you must consult with your doctor now.

3-Why during the period there is increased libido or sexual attraction?

This question has not only one answer, perhaps many answers. During a period, some women face libido which more than usual. Some women do not feel so, that’s true too. It may occur due to a primary sex hormone named estradiol. Progesterone may also have some effect too.  there is decreased the level of estrogen while testosterone level is increased.  Testosterone is related to woman’s libido. That’s why, when there is decreased estrogen level and increased testosterone level, it may result in high libido.

4-Why a woman face mode swings during the period?

PMS or Premenstrual syndrome actually consists many changes. One of those changes is mode swings. Suddenly depression, rage or grief may attack you. Again, it may make you very emotional. A woman’s behavioral pattern may change suddenly . Along with these problems, there may be a headache or swelling of any body part. Because during the period, body’s hormone influence neurotransmitters of our brain. To prevent this problem you should better eat healthy foods.

5-Are there any options other than sanitary pad or tampon?

Many women in Bangladesh use sanitary napkin nowadays. Many of them prefer tampon too. In western countries, menstrual cups are available. Menstrual cups can be used again and again.period

6-How much bleeding is considered as heavy bleeding?

During a period , a woman loses 8-14 spoons of blood that mean daily 2½ spoon bleeding occurs usually. But it differs from one woman to another. If you are having heavy bleeding then there may be some internal problem. If you are having vertigo, weakness or severe abdominal pain along with heavy bleeding then you should better consult with a doctor. Menopause or complicated pregnancy may contribute to heavy menstrual bleeding.

7-What should I do in case of the irregular period cycle?

If you are having any problem during a normal period or if you’ve missed a period or if you are having a period which is longer than usual then you must consult with a doctor.

If you are a young woman and if you do not know what is normal and what is not during a period then at least talk with someone who knows about it. If you know about period good enough and facing something abnormal then you should better consult with a doctor. Almighty gave you this body and you must do everything to take care of it. There nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of.

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