7 things you should follow while you are seeing or, dandling a newborn baby

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When a newborn child comes to a family, there is limitless happiness. Friends, relatives – everybody becomes eager to see the child. Everyone awaits eagerly to take that little human with small hands, small feet. But you should follow few things while you are seeing or handling a newborn baby. Let’s know about these things.

The smoke of cigarette is very harmful to the health of a child. It may cause allergy. That’s why you must avoid smoking before going to see a newborn.

Do not dandle the baby

You are not a close relative then it’s better to not take the baby. Because every parent may not like this. Never kiss a newborn baby. It may spread infections.newborn baby


Wash your hands

If you must take the newborn baby then you must wash your hands. Because children get infected very easily. Moreover, there are many liquid hand sensitizers in the market. You can use those.

Do not use too much perfume

When you are going to see a newborn, do not use too much perfume. It may cause an allergic reaction. It’s better to not use any perfume at all.

Do not give the child any furry doll

Do not give the child any furry doll as a gift. It may cause respiratory distress. In the case of giving a gift, dresses are better than toys.

If you are sick, then do not go

You must not go to see a child if you are sick. Because children have less developed immune system than adults. So the child may get infected. So only after your recovery from illness, you can visit the child.

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