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The sadness of a crowd of people, from the people around her and her family, can not reduce loneliness. If these kinds of losses, both physical and emotional man. But what if his heart is good, if a bit and reduce depression, many of us can not understand it.mind loved ones

A lot of people suffer from depression suffer, while people around him how much impact it actually tries to understand the sadness in his life. We can not rule out that the label is never depressed him.

You have to understand the importance of how a man’s life. He will know that you understand her problem, she has shared her pain to be able to. What is sad to have seen the human mind can tell you better.

I’m right next to you

Sometimes you have a very small thing, that’s a great achievement for the people sad. He will rely on a lot of these words, you can help him to understand that there are people nearby. So depressed by his side in his battle against the small you can give him the confidence.

You and your ears

Like a great feeling to walk alone through dark tunnels may give birth to sadness. If someone does not think she will do with her, alone among his sad life can be cut. The ride to the next one, the feeling is very important for him. This is a great privilege to be able to take away his loneliness.

There is no fault here

In many cases, people can not understand that the sadness of such a complex did not come out that if they wished to. Suffer from depression because of their misunderstanding of the man himself began to feel guilty and bad, and makes his mental condition.

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If you can convince him that this time there is, in fact, no fault, but he can feel a lot of light. His pain decreased.

I’m with you

It is easy for us to go anywhere alone, though, is not so easy for people suffering from depression. Maybe he’s going to the therapist, or to buy drugs or just going to walk out of that time, who will also trust your compatibility.

It is not possible to get rid of depressed one day. But if you are with him as he realizes that no matter how long it takes to get to the next.mind loved ones

What can we do for you?

You can offer to do something for him. If it is not too big for him to do something, then you have to focus on, and he will understand his delight. It is very important to restore the normal rhythm of his life.

What do you think?

Many times, depressed people commit suicide or self-harm to the physical been thoughtful. The concern is that they can not say, but do not ask a lot of time because they can not tell anyone. Of these words, you can hear. These thoughts come to convince him that depression is normal, but it should not hurt at all worth it.


The words at all times through the heart of his existence is not trying to do this. During the silent presence of a lot of people, a lot of pleasure to a man becomes depressed.

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