How to lose fat at home through an efficient and motivating workout routine

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Losing fat and end-of-year parties definitely do not fit, does not it? But whoever thinks that this is an almost impossible mission for this time of year, much is wrong.

Caloric supper Christmas meals, holidays or collective recess from work, may hinder your fat loss, but never prevent that from happening! There are options for you to keep everything you have conquered throughout the year and still lose those fats that insist on staying in your body.

That is exactly what we are going to show now. You will learn how to lose fat at home without the dependence on the gym and sophisticated equipment. Come on?!

How Day-to-Day Routine Can Damage Your Fat Loss

Professional, social commitments; Christmas Shopping; Travel planning, all this can become a real chaos, hampering the quality of food for those who do not prepare.
Knowing that your day will be extremely busy and that your focus will be on the professional commitments, shopping and organization of the year-end festivities, bring a healthy snack in your bag, so you do not risk venturing into a cafeteria or restaurant Who is not prepared to receive someone on a diet, with a focus on losing fat .

Not to mention the time for the Academy, which is becoming increasingly scarce this time of year. Many times the time for the academy will only come after 10 pm when your gym will probably already be closed.

How to manage the time to fit the exercises into your exhaustive routine

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To lose fat once and for all, we need besides good dietary re-education, to discover the activity that gives pleasure, at the time that our body will be able to respond well to the stimuli.

Usually, the best time for people to wander is in the early morning or shortly after work.

If you choose to train at home, either for lack of time for the gym or simply for the freedom and well-being that the environment provides, remember to stick to the routine. When you get home from work, before doing any activity, make your pre-workout feed, put on comfortable clothes and train!

Although the training at home has many benefits, it brings with it a terrible malaise very common among us Brazilians, procrastination, that bad habit of leaving for later what we can (and should) do now.

So, do not leave the workout for later. Whenever possible train early in the morning, before work, or as soon as you get home. Otherwise, your workout may fall into procrastination and will not happen.

Fat Loss and the Basics of HIIT Training

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HIIT, intermittent or intermittent workout at high intensity is extremely effective for fat loss.

It consists of a methodology that intercalates high-intensity exercises, to raise the heart rate, with recovery, lowering the frequency.

Even if the training is performed at home, it is important to perform an ergo spirometry test, which will indicate the ideal heart rate zone for ” fat burning “.

The principle is basic, intense training: alternating speed or exercise. The most common example is treadmill training: 40 seconds running and 20 seconds walking to recover.

Motivation and Discipline as Essential Factors for Losing Fat

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When we talk about physical activity, one of the things that motivate us most is the visual results. For those who want to lose a few pounds, follow up with physical assessment, to find out how the fat percentage is, is a great strategy.

For those who are looking for a greater loss of fat, follow up with photos, such as the famous before and after, or even a visual accompaniment in the mirror are great requests.

Keep an appointment with you and keep. Be sure to train and do not make excuses to convince yourself that you have something more important to do than the time reserved for training.

Think positively and that even a “half-ass” workout from time to time, is better than nothing. Remember: the result comes with frequent workouts and routines.

How to discipline yourself for the workout routine

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Ok, that’s the hard part, having discipline goes way beyond the rule and obligation. In this case, we need to see more as a necessity, for health and quality of life.

Here are some tips on how to discipline yourself:

  • Always keep the same time or the same period;
  • Use the workout as part of the day, the same way you have to work, you have to go to the gym or do it at home;
  •  Call a friend to keep you company, when we get distracted everything becomes easier;
  •  Make friends at the gym, but remember: training is training and conversation is conversation, know how to separate so as not to harm your performance and results;
  • Trace goals: goals and make it clear in your mind, today you are better than yesterday and tomorrow can be wonderful, everything depends on following your goal;
  • For those who are starting out: Do not do programming that you think you can not keep. Program yourself initially for three times a week, because if you manage to go 4 times you will be outdoing yourself;
  • Do not forget that playlist to motivate you.

Everyone has a motivation and if you have not found yours, do not be discouraged! For sure you will find it soon.

Is it possible to lose localised fat?

Who faithfully follows our blog, should have read about the surprising and “painful” truth about losing the belly.

Food, coupled with an exercise routine, is key to losing fat. As we saw in the article about losing the belly, it is not possible to lose fat in a localised way, but the tendency is that the greater loss occurs where there is more fat to burn.

So focus on fat loss globally and do not demotivate if it is not happening at the expected speed in the region of the body that you want to lose more. It will naturally occur in this region, just focus, discipline and, of course, patience.

Is there a better time to lose fat?

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After all, is there a better time of day to lose fat ?” This question is somewhat subjective because it does not matter if morning, afternoon, or night to lose fat, the most important thing is for you to train.

This is due to the fact that cardiovascular exercises, such as running, walking, or cycling for at least 30 minutes, allied to a caloric deficit (calories ingested less than calories spent) will provide weight loss, and consequently, Of body fat, no matter what time of day the exercise is done.

However, the best time of day to do physical activity in order to burn fat with greater ease is soon after we wake up. This is because the body’s glycogen level is low, so the body uses its fat stores as fuel instead of simply burning carbohydrates.

When it comes to exercising early in the morning upon waking. Adepts and precursors of this practice claim that it helps in the loss of body fat.

When performed by beginners or people who do not have the proper backing and professional support, they can pose a health risk because, in addition to malaise, weakness and dizziness, can lead to muscle catabolism, ie, degradation of lean mass.

Therefore, for those who have availability of time, it is best to train early in the morning after eating properly. This way, the body tends to burn fat slightly faster compared to other shifts of the day.

What clothes are suitable for training at home?

To train at home, the ideal type of clothing is not different from the type of clothing recommended for other locations, such as the gym.

Of course, if you’re embarrassed to go from shorts and top to the gym, you can train at home with no problems with this outfit.

The most important thing is to wear comfortable clothing that allows you to perform all the movements and the use of sneakers, even at home.

An important detail is to wear a top that is firm, as we are among women, it is easier to talk. Regardless of whether your breast is large, small or if it has silicone, it is important that you choose your top well. Not using or using an inappropriate size, tight or too wide, may hinder movement and even cause aesthetic changes in the breasts.

Basic Fat Loss Diet Tips

To lose fat you need to decrease the frequency of consumption of:

  • Sweets
  • Box juice
  • Simple carbohydrate (white rice, French bread, potato …)
  • Soda (not even think)
  • Ready meals
  • Sausages

Do a diet re-education and learn to make the right choices and, when necessary, consult your Nutritionist.

Bonus: 6 Exercises, without equipment, to lose fat at home

Losing fat by training at home alone is feasible for those who are standing for a long time, but the training program has to be changed frequently so you do not stagnate and give your muscle the stimulus needed to continue to deliver satisfactory results.

Workout model, perform each exercise for 1 minute and repeat 3 times:

  1. Squatting: feet parallel to the width of the hip, erect spine, with knees, flexed so that the thigh is parallel with the floor, the hip should be thrown back, head up.
  2. Arm Bending: With both knees resting on the floor, the hands are farther away than in the shoulder line, but the hand should be aligned with the elbow and elbow at the shoulder line. With the Abdomen contracted and spine straight, looking at the floor. Do an elbow flexion leading the torso toward the floor.
  3. Abdominal penknife: lying in the supine position, extend the arms, then hug the knees as if to sit. This is a repetition.
  4. Isometric board: In a supine position, support the elbow and forearm on the floor, keep the feet slightly apart and keep the tip of the foot on the floor, raising the body and keeping the spine straight, contract the abdomen.
  5. Hip lift: lying in the supine position, with the soles of the feet resting on the floor at the width of the hip and raising the gluteus of the ground, keeping the abdomen contracted, then return to the initial movement.
  6. Skipping: Raise the knee alternately up to the abdomen.


For an efficient fat loss, it is important to combine all the issues, motivational, exercises and nutrition.

Do not let distractions be more important than your goal and the time when you spend an hour of your day to take care of your health.

There are many throughout the day and we care so much about family and careers that we often leave the most important person behind you.

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