Lipstick risk of cancer!

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Every day, more or less all the women use lipstick. Several major brands and store on the lipstick of different colours and has an array of dealers said. But you know what lipstick can cause cancer? A recent study found the same information.

Some of the metallic element may cause harm to the human body is much larger study participants said a researcher. The study has been published in Environmental Health Perspectives, a government magazine.

Researchers at the University of California for 14 to 19-year-old daughter has chosen twelve. They are all residents of Auckland. Lipaglasera from them their names and brands used in lipstick, and had known about and had brought the sample. Researchers surveyed 8 and 24 Lipglass were identified.

lipstickIn the laboratory, the researcher’s on the material they are going to learn about the human body and cause cancer of the Quran is, cadmium, chromium, aluminium, and the presence of other harmful elements 5.

The researchers said that most lipsticked presence of these elements can be more or less material goes to the stomach from the lips and creates various problems, including deadly cancer.


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