What will you do if you want to keep a good memory

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f the diet for good health and keep a good memory power. So diet should be plenty of fruit and vegetables. To avoid sugar, fat and alcohol. The need regular exercise and adequate sleep.

You should sleep eight hours every night. If you want to keep a good memory of the need to keep a few things. According to Yahoo News reports to keep a good memory power must adhere to the certain lifestyle.

Play instruments, listen to music –

Guitar, violin or flute playing like a machine out of any kind. According to a study at Stanford University in California, 10-year-old arthritis person who play instruments better memories than others. In addition, those who regularly listen to music in their memory power and is better.

Learn at least one foreign language –

Learn a foreign language at least as well as their mother tongue. Learning two languages due to the reduced risk of memory loss. 013 Science journal Neurology published a study said.

Another, according to some research, at least two languages at the same time more than one person is known to achieve. In addition, it is of no use to focus their attention. If you start at an early age to learn the language better. Despite the age, but the language can be learned.

Play chess -.

Thinking chess game. It is exercising the power of memory and thinking this game is better because of the power of memory. Think of the different types of energy such as the wind and the chess game of Monopoly is a good memory. The researchers said the thought of exercising power play memory loss may be delayed up to 20 years.

Read every day –

Always better to read the book of memory. However, whether it be little more than a day to read something else due to excessive concentration in any activity could be disrupted. According to the United States at the University of Texas researcher Sandra Bond, 20 on day two of the substitute should read about. The two issues are of deep concern.

Writing Font change –

As usual text font, memory is like a little unpleasant. The subject matter of the moment and remember long. A group of researchers at Harvard University in the US claim.

AH and high school students to the United States, and another study, people who are out-of-font text, they are better than others tests. The researchers said the out-of-Font read some pressure on the brain. It helps in keeping the content.

Write the bad impression of –

Try to write a bad impression of the subject. Put away the bad memories, such as the ability to be good. After the evaluation, a group of students from the University of North Texas, Denton US researchers have claimed. Their advice is, no matter if it’s bad, do not hide in your heart.

Pressure to reduce the work –

Knitted fabrics, crafts or gardening work such as two hands are busy. The memories are good. In 2013, about three and a half thousand people with memories of the task at hand are to study the relationship between well-being. The researchers said, is to keep the hands busy if such actions are good memories comparison testing.

Find out their own goals –

The goal of life found in humans stress-free. This increases the chances of survival for a long time. At the same time, and have a good memory. One study found people with the goal of life, half the risk of being infected than others. According to the researchers, the goal is to find the people with the highest attention.

Follow socialize –

Spend time with family and friends as much as possible. This is the time to comply with age and increase social. A group of researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine said Washington , social closely involved with the memory of the old. Studies have shown that because of the social people feel safe. Therefore, the risk of memory loss and losing.

Play the game using its head –

To play games that exercise the mind for some time, have a good memory and keep a good memory. Florida State University researchers said, is to solve the problem, you can be sure that some of the games during the match sanity.

The warning period –

It is 10 minutes to one hour that is not eliminated. Again, it takes one hour and 10 minutes is not such a thing. You should spend as much time as is necessary to work in. According to the researchers, the time spent in the human memory is good.keep-a-good-memory

Write to-

Home or office computer to use all desolate. However, within a few minutes to practice writing. Studies have shown that for any reason, the subject of writing to the school students might remember for a long time. Results and good. Therefore, in any circumstances to continue the practice of writing.

Sleep –

Sleep is the task of being in charge of human memory. A group of German researchers studied the relationship of sleep with the memory of the people. They said the memories of adequate sleep is better than others. For this reason, the rate and leads to a long time. In addition, the health and well. On the other hand, due to insufficient sleep increases the risk of memory error.

Daily work –

Get the daily tasks. The health and well-being, as well as the memories, are good. According to the researchers, dishes and house daily work, such as cooking, cleaning and regular half reduces the risk of memory error.

Take dance lessons –

Dancing is a good exercise. The power of memory is good. According to the researchers, due to regular dance memories of his error rate is reduced to 75 per cent. New England Journal of Medicine published a report in New York canephora Medical Center researchers have claimed. According to the researchers, with the dancing skills during physical stress and exercise is taking.

Increase efficiency –

Increase your ability to both physical and mental. In the end, try to solve any problem. At the same time capable of walking or another exercise of its own until the end of the field and try.keep a good memory


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