The most efficient way to reduce fat, increase muscle

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The body needs food to eat less than 40 percent. At the same time, the exercise will do. It is the man’s increase muscle to make the most effective and fastest way to reduce body fat. A group of Canadian researchers has claimed.

Researchers at McMaster University, Ontario, Canada the most effective and quickest way to reduce the fat and increase muscle was studied. This research article was published in the science journal “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Canadian researchers conducted the study on 40 youngsters. The young children were divided into two groups. Two groups were given a list of the different dishes. List the amount of food that needs less than two.

However, other than a party was held for more than the amount of the protein. The two teams are in the same gym list. Thus, the left one month.increase muscle

At the end of the study, the team members are receiving some extra protein per kilogram of around five kg of weight loss and muscle extended. Shaikh team members receive less protein than an average of three and a half kilograms of weight, lowering, they did not increase muscle.

Philip Stuart McMaster University researcher, said: “We have studies to reduce fat and increase muscle was looking for the most effective and rapid method. The consumption ratio and its relationship with the exercise are met.The researchers said that one needs 40 percent less intensive diet and exercise may be the most effective fat reduction and muscle building.

Effective and fastest way to increase muscle and reduce fat in men and the researchers said this method was discouraged for a long time to follow. According to the researchers, the laboratory has been a long couple of weeks to look closely at what the side effects are unknown.

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