How to stop smelly feet

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Bromodosis the medical word for smelly feet.Smelly feet can affect anyone. The

odor can be embarrassing to you and folks aside you. To stop smelly feet, you need to notice the causes first. So, now we will be looking at the causes of smelly feet and effective preventions that are easy to follow.

Causes of smelly feet?

Sweat is the main reason that causes smelly feet. We have sweat glands all over our body but your feet have most of them. Our body sweats due to action or temperature so does our feet, it’s the bacteria that are produced that cause our feet sweat all the time which causes such unboreable odor. Bacteria break down the sweat composition into smelling agents which often is described as rotten cheese.

Reasons behind smelly feet:

  • Putting on enclosed shoes for hours and using them daily before its dry. Your feet smell mostly when you are wearing imitation leather shoes completely soaked in sweat daily.
  • Hormonal variations can cause smelly feet. Due to certain variations feat sweats more than usual, this causes the problem. Teen aged folks, pregnant women, elderly folks, and one’s with heart syndrome or diabetes.
  • Poor hygiene and sanitation. Mainly not cleaning feet properly, that may result in bacteria to grow on our skin which may break your sweat into odor.
  • Stress and anxiety can also cause your feet to sweat more than usual. It is often seen folks under stress have a smelly foot.
  • A situation like‘’hyperhidrosis’’ can cause smelly feet. Now, what is hyperhidrosis? It is a condition that causes one sweat more than usual. As smelly feet [ a.k.aBromodosis] is based on sweat so most of the folks with hyperhidrosis face this problem.
  • Fungal infection can also cause one’s feet to sweat more thus making smelly feet.

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Quick relief from smelly feet:

  • You can wash your feet with any anti-bacterial soap or other hygiene items available for smelly feet. You can fill a bucket with Luke warm water and drip some anti-bacterial spa soap in it and put your foot in for 15 minutes that can help you to wash away the odor.
  • Washing feet with warm water and putting on hand sanitizers or sanitizers out there especially for feet.
  • Scrubbing your foot with foot scrubs can remove the odor. You can put on some and leave it for a couple of minutes then rinse it which will probably remove the smell.

smelly feet

How to stop smelly feet?

The most effective way How to stop smelly feet is to take good care of it. By good care, we mean washing them properly or taking a pedicure. Stop wearing enclosed shoes in a row before drying them up. Stop wearing the same shoe for more than 12 hours. Scrub your feet while bathing makes sure to remove dead skin. Washing your feet regularly and drying them nicely will help you avoid smelly feet. Young folks should be aware of not putting on the same pair of footwear the whole day. Try to put on freshly washed socks every day, it is better to pick organic ones.

How to stop smelly feet

Folks with sweaty feet:

  • Spray antiperspirant on your foot, it will work just as fine as expert foot product. You can use regular underarm antiperspirant too.
  • Dry your feet after a bath using a towel or hot air. Drip few surgical spirit on a cotton ball and dab or wipe between your toes.
  • Use deodorising shoe insoles. This help to keep the shoe clean and sanitised inside.
  • Use foot—fresh socks, this kind of socks are implanted with chemicals which stop sweat breakdown by bacteria. Some specially designed socks are implanted with deodorizing agents or ventilation system.
  • Use genuine leather shoes rather than artificial. Leather shoe dries fast and is less probable to bacterial attack. Wear opened surface footwear like slippers or flip-flops in summer.
  • Cut your nails nice and clean the corners of your nail which are able to store dirt.

When should I see a doctor?smelly feet

Usually, smelly feet are annoying but harmless. In some case, smelly feet can be an indication of medical conditions like virus infected syndromes or heart syndromes even diabetes.

If you notice that initial action taken to reduce the odor doesn’t work even after several tries meet your regular doctor to get some check up.

The doctor may prescribe you to take iontophoresis or medical antiperspirant.

Following these steps are very helpful to fight against smelly feet.

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