Healthy Eating in Pregnancy: Check Out Tips

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Expert reveals myths that involve feeding in pregnancy and teaches how to maintain a healthy menu during that time.

Is eating for two really appropriate? How Is Much Weight Gain Acceptable For A Healthy Pregnancy? During pregnancy, women have numerous concerns and doubts, especially regarding food. Often, future moms end up hearing a lot of “hunches” since, at those times, every person who wants to help speaks anything and needs to pay close attention to what they are going to do, especially when it comes to food.

“The pregnant woman should avoid industrialized foods rich in sodium, high in fat and sugar. In turn, it should increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, pay attention to water intake and not stay long fasting periods, “explains the expert. Patissio still reveals that believing that a pregnant woman can eat for two is a big mistake. “Many people believe that during pregnancy one should eat for two and/or that after childbirth that should not control the diet, that if it starts, can stop breastfeeding, that the milk will be weak. This is actually great myths about feeding in pregnancy, “he says.

What to eat during pregnancy?

In a menu idea for pregnant women can not miss: food sources of calcium – milk, yogurt and cheeses for bone health; Food sources of iron – red meat, poultry, legumes (beans, lentils); And dark green vegetables – spinach, arugula, watercress, Catalan, to avoid anemia, which is very common during this period.

In addition, Patrícia also indicates the fibres – brown rice, whole grains, whole grain bread, to avoid constipation, which is also common during pregnancy due to progesterone.

Each month is a phase

It is through the mother’s feeding that the baby receives the necessary nutrients for development according to the weeks of gestation. for example, that during the first weeks of gestation supplementation of folic acid, vitamin B complex, is common, which avoids the malformation of the neural tube.

The nutritionist says that on a restrictive diet there is less exchange of maternal-fetal nutrients, placental development and inadequate blood flow. This, in turn, affects fetal development.

What Not to Eat

During this period the woman should avoid alcoholic beverage, caffeinated drink (black tea, maté tea, green tea, soft drinks). According to Patricia Cruz, these foods are stimulants of the baby’s nervous system. In addition, the nutritionist also indicates that they do not eat raw meats and raw fish, as these foods are hosts of the toxoplasmosis parasite.

Can I eat for two?

Abuse of food because you are eating for two or thinking. Excessive overweight can lead to gestational hypertension and also to gestational diabetes, clinical conditions at risk for both mother and baby. “Gestational weight gain always depends on pre-gestational weight. In general, 10 to 12 kg is calculated. But it is worth remembering that even starting gestation with weight above recommended. Weight loss or maintenance is not indicated, “explains Patricia.

How to lose weight after pregnancy?

The specialist explains that it all depends on how much was gained during gestation and the woman’s diet routine at that time. “The loss and weight gain always depend on food education. In my opinion and experience of the office is not easy, for this reason, we control the weight gain during pregnancy, “he points out.

Tips for pregnant women

Do not eat for two;

Eat every 3 hours;

If you have heartburn do not eat for relief, drink very cold water with lemon drops throughout the day;

Use the multivitamin prescribed by your obstetrician and/or nutritionist throughout pregnancy and also for 1 or 2 months after giving birth.

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