Nutritious foods which are not perfect for your child

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Specialists ask to be careful about selecting foods for your child. Know some foods here and be careful. These foods are very nutritious but they are harmful to a child’s health

1.) Berry and citrus

It’s good to give fruits to your child but all fruits are not helpful. Especially, strawberry and other berries contain such a protein which are difficult to digest for a child. Citrus fruits like orange, grapefruit also cause a problem in the stomach. At least before one year of age, these fruits should not be given.

2.) Tasty foods-

We usually give tasty foods to our children. Parents think that foods which look good are good for health too. According to a research, foods that are very colourful and contain many flavours act as obstacles to your child’s growth. So they are not beneficial for your child’s health

3.) Cow’s milk and Soya milk-

‘Baby centre advisory board’ of USA said in a research paper – During first one year, only mother’s breast milk is appropriate for a child. Even after one year, Cow’s milk and soy milk contain different minerals which may harm the kidneys of a child.

4.) White of egg –harmful-to-a-childs-health-1

White of the egg contains so many nutrients but doctors think it’s not ideal for a child’s health For a one year child, egg yolk is perfect but not the white of the egg.

5.) Hard and Round shaped food –

Whatever it is, natural food or homemade, hard and round-shaped foods are not perfect for a child’s health.Emblica, Nut and Corn etc are included in this type of foods.

6.) Honey –

Honey is a wonder of nature but it’s not good for a child’s health It may act as a harmful agent in child’s body.

7.) Fruit Juice –

It’s better to eat fruits than taking a glass of fruit juice. It’s truer in the case of children. Juices that contain Vitamin – C can produce one type of acid which is harmful to a child’s health

8.) Raw food and Half-cooked Food –

Any raw food is harmful to a child’s health Moreover half cooked foods cannot be taken too. These foods create problems in the digestive system.

9.) Ready-made white cereal –

Children are given ready-made white cereal frequently. But it produces such a glucose which is not good for child’s health. High level of glucose induces a high level of insulin.

10.) Sticky foods –

Just like hard and round-shaped foods, sticky foods are not good for a child’s health too. You better avoid peanut butter and sticky chocolates.


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