Know About How to Prevent Male Hair fall / baldness

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Nowadays many men face a common problem that is hair fall. Men suffer more than females in this case. Daily 100 or less hair problem is normal. But it’s more than that then it’s problematic.

Usually, hair problem increases with age. But nowadays young people have this problem too and this tendency is increasing day by day. Excess use of chemicals, mental pressure, and pollution are the main reasons behind this.

There are some other reasons of hair fall like less amount of nutritious food intake, hormonal problems, scalp infection etc. Some home remedies are there to prevent hair problem. These will help in hair growth too.

Vitamin B7: Vitamin B7 which is known as biotin also prevents hair fall. It helps to strengthen the root of hair. Egg, Nuts, Curd, Liver etc contain Vitamin B7. Moreover, you can take biotin capsule too.Male Hair fall

Protein rich food: You should eat protein rich food to prevent hair fall and to keep your hair healthy. Beans, Pulses, Chicken. Milk, Egg etc contain protein.

Oil massage: Daily hair massage is very important. Sesame oil is very useful to prevent hair fall. It also increases hair growth. You should apply oil on your scalp by massaging, it increases blood circulation.

Egg pack: You can make a paste with half cup of curd and an egg. It will prevent not only your hair fall but also reduces dandruff which is one of the major reasons for hair fall.

Onion sap: Onion sap helps in hair regrowth and strengthens hair. Boil 3 onions with a small amount of water for 1 hour. Then cool it and wash your hair with onion boiled water. Among the home, remedies to prevent hair problem this one is very useful.

Garlic paste: At first, make a paste with some garlic. Then apply to the roots of the hair. It helps to prevent hair fall and increases hair regrowth.

Green tea: To prevent hair problem, wash your hair with green tea. After 20 minutes wash your hair with any light shampoo.

Don’t smoke as it decreases blood circulation of scalp and causes hair fall. Wash your hair with shampoo at least twice a week.

Excess hair wash decreases natural oil of scalp. Men’s shampoo contains excess chemicals which are very harmful. You can use baby shampoo to wash your hair.

Nowadays many people use hair gel which makes your hair hard and breaks your hair too. Moreover, it contains many chemicals. So you should not use hair gel to keep healthy hair.

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