8Unknown facts about dreams and sleep

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Sleep in one of our normal biological needs. dreams and sleep a very important thing for all of us. For people without food to survive if and sleep survives without the can. And the true surprise. And this kind of information about sleep and today this feature is unknown.

  • When we sleep, our brain gains strength. And the cells of our body itself is just a day to lose. And the importance of our body full of hormones that secrete hormones in our body to maintain balance.
  • According to the different times of each age are required to sleep Different ages, different kinds of people are sleeping during the period.
  • Children – 16 hours, from 3 to 12 years of age – 10 hours, 13 to 18 years old – 10 hours, 19 to 55 year-olds – 8 hours, over 65 years – 6 hours sleep.
  • Man sees another man during sleep, his dream nearly 70% of the time, but the woman of his dreams, both men and women are at the same time.
  • We are dealing with our life dream man. Or when we go to sleep when I think of a man in his sleep, we dream to see him. Totally unfamiliar faces are rarely seen in dreams and sleep
  • Parasomnia kind of sleep disorders related to abnormal sleep in which people are forced to work. This disease can cause a lot of people to commit such crimes. Today, due to the occurrence of the disease in his sleep in the car to run the crime of murder, child abuse and rape all the more serious.
  • 12% of people dream of black and white. Fashion TV was black and white when most people dream in black and white. The study found black and white to colour TV after the dream has reduced the number much higher.dreams and sleep
  • In the normal process of sleep dreaming sleep This time, he did not dream of that man is mentally or sleep-related fatal disease is falling to pieces.
  • Logically, we all know people need food for survival. But people need more sleep than food for survival. You can survive without food for two weeks in a row. It will hurt your body, but you did not die. But if you do not sleep for 10 days, but only Ben kill you.

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