Do not Use these 8 Things on Your Face

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Everybody likes good skin. For the reason, we use many things We use cosmetics or natural things. But some elements do good and some do bad. We do not use bad things. Health related website Healthy food has published an article about this.

1.Vaseline: Vaseline  is used to moist the skin all over the world. It is good for dry skin.  It is also used for other purposes. But we should not use it if we have acnes on our face. Because it is harmful to use on acres.Body Lotions

2.Body Lotions: The body lotion is made for the body, not for face. Skin of body is thicker than the skin of the face  And body lotion is made for using on the body.

3.Hot Water: Many people like to bathe with hot water. But, it is not good to use hot water. It may make the face skin dry.


4.Toothpaste:  Many people use toothpaste to dry the acnes. But do not do this. Toothpaste makes the face skin feel uneasy and can cause more problem. Examples: Chemical burn, scars etc.

5.Hydrogen peroxide: These strong elements is used if the skin is cut or burnt. It is not good for acne treatment. It may cause pain and allergy.

6.Lemon: Lemon has many good sides. But it can change the balance of skin’s pH. So do not use it on your skin.

7.Baking Soda:  Many of us think that baking soda is good to remove the skin’s dead cells. Specialists say that the use of it is harmful to the skin and skin’s moisture.

8.Sugar: Many people use sugar to remove the dead cells of the skin. But it does harm instead of doing good. It down the softness of skin. So, stay away from using it on your face. And take the suggestion from the specialist if you need.

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