Diet list for a man to remain healthy and fit

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Diet list for a man You always want to keep yourself healthy and fit. But most of the men are not careful about their diet. That’s why in our country, men become fat very early and have to face so many health issues. Eat healthily and routinely – is the first condition to keep yourself healthy and fit.

To remain healthy and fit you have to eat fruits and vegetables adequately. Some people do not eat at night which is harmful to health. A little consciousness can make it possible to remain healthy.

According to your physical condition, you may create a diet list. To remain healthy and fit a man can follow the following Diet list for a man

Diet list


Many people do not take their breakfast because of busyness. But it’s your breakfast which will provide you energy for works that you have to do all

day long. You can eat roti with vegetables as your breakfast. You can take white of an egg. A fruit or fruit
juice will complement your breakfast. Take a cup of tea or coffee which one you prefer. After 2 hours of your breakfast, you can eat some low-calorie food like biscuits.


You can eat rice with fish or meat at noon. But add some tomato, lettuce or some sort of salad with it. Never eat fast food as your lunch. Do not take any soft drinks.

Light tiffin at afternoon

You can eat biscuits that do not have any cream. Taking a cup of green tea will be a good choice.


Eat less than your lunch at night. You can eat small fish and vegetables. You can try roti as an alternative to rice. Cucumber or some sort of salad will be nice. You can always take a glass of skim milk.

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