how is the breast augmentation recovery?

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A common question for women wishing to increase breast size is about the breast augmentation recovery. The placement of silicone prosthesis is one of the most performed surgeries in the country. The main motivation of women to do this is to achieve bigger, better positioned and symmetrical breasts, in the case of those with flaccidity and asymmetry.

Yes, all this is possible to correct with breast augmentation surgery, provided that you are willing to face the postoperative period, which may require up to 12 months of care so that recovery is complete. Therefore, it is very important that the woman chooses to do the surgery for personal satisfaction and not to please the other person.

Immediate postoperative care in the breast augmentation recovery

The average time for the plastic surgeon to perform the procedure ranges from 45 to 90 minutes. This is the time period for the physician to perform the cut, implant the silicone prosthesis, and close the incision. What determines the hospital stay is the type of anaesthesia used. Generally, it is necessary to remain hospitalized for six hours when the anaesthesia is local, with sedation, and up to 24 hours if the given anaesthesia is general.

Immediately after the surgery is placed a waterproof dressing and the postoperative bra. There is no need to use drains, nor to remove the points, because they are performed internally and absorbable by the body. Follow-up visits following surgery are weekly in the first month.

It is essential to attend consultations with the plastic surgeon after the placement of the prostheses. They are a prevention of possible complications that are important to maintaining health and ensuring that all care is being followed in the right way to achieve the best results.

Bra type changes for a while

There are restrictions on performing some routine activities. For example, one even needs to sleep with the post-surgical bra, a key piece of breast augmentation recovery, suitable for use after surgery. No metal hoops, no sewing. It serves to ensure that the prosthesis will remain well positioned and help maintain the elasticity and support of the skin after the procedure. It should be used for at least 30 days and can only be taken at bath time.

In fact, in the first few days after surgery, the woman with the newly operated breasts needs help to bathe because the movement of the arms is limited for a while. It is not recommended to lift them beyond the shoulder line, nor to force them for about a month.

The recovery of the postoperative scars can be accelerated if, in this period, the woman also takes care of the food and avoid eating greasy and industrialized products that can interfere in the regeneration of the skin.

Swelling may occur depending on the surgery and medications used. The symptom disappears alone over time, but in some cases, the plastic surgeon may indicate lymphatic drainage sessions.
After two to three weeks it is already possible to drive. The practice of physical exercises is only allowed after 30 days. Wearing front-opening sweaters and pyjamas makes it easy to change clothes. And who likes to sleep on their stomachs will have to get used to sleeping on their belly up. It takes three to six months to get rid of all the swelling and the end result appears effectively.

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