5 important tests before becoming a mother

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It is said that becoming a mother is one of the great blessings in this world. It’s a heavenly pleasure to watch your child’s little eyes, hands, legs, and face. Many couples are there who do not face any problem about having a child.

Again, many couples are there who have to face different problems. These problems usually arise from obesity, unhealthy lifestyle. Sometimes it may be genetic too.

So before having pregnancy some investigations should be done to avoid unwanted complications. Lifestyle related website BoldSky published some advice about this

becoming a mother

1-Thyroid Test –

Increased thyroid hormone secretion is known as hyperthyroidism which may cause premature delivery and may even abortion. Decreased thyroid hormone secretion is called hypothyroidism which may cause neurological complications of the newborn. That’s why specialists suggest examining thyroid gland before having a child becoming a mother

2-Blood test –

Before having a child six types of blood tests should be done that includes Complete blood count (CBC). By this investigation, you will know about hemoglobin percentage, white cell count and platelet count.

Along with this, tests for syphilis, HIV, hepatitis-B should also be done. Tests for cystic fibrosis and anemia should be done to becoming a mother

3-Urine analysis –

A urine analysis should be done to detect if there is urinary tract infection. If a high level of blood sugar is found then you must consult with a doctor before becoming pregnant. To treat urinary tract infection drink enough amount of water and necessary antibiotics according to your doctor’s advice.

4-Smear test –

In smear test, vagina, uterus, and pelvic region are examined. Before your pregnancy, you must do this tests. Smear test will identify if there is any problem in your uterus and vagina.

5-Semen analysis –

Semen analysis is very important for a man. Before having a child sperm count and sperm morphology must be identified. People who are smokers or alcoholic or have any genetic problem must do this test becoming a mother

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