During pregnancy, these foods will help to make your baby’s skin color brighter

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It’s normal that pregnant women have increased hunger and it’s very important for them to eat regularly. Because these foods will help the mother as well as the baby. Most of the people of our country wish that their children have baby’s skin colour brighter.

According to the specialists, skin colour of children does not depend on the food selection, it depends on the genes he/she acquire from parents. But according to old beliefs, seniors give some idea about some specific foods which will be helpful to have a baby’s skin colour brighter. Let’s know about those foods.

Milk with Saffron –baby’s skin color brighter

Many women drink milk with saffron during their pregnancy. They think that saffron will make your child’s skin colour brighter.

Coconut –

According to common beliefs, white pulp of coconut will make a child’s skin brighter. But excess intake of coconut is not wise during pregnancy. You can eat but in a normal amount.

Milk –

It’s very much essential to drink milk for a pregnant woman. Milk is essential for the baby’s skin colour brighter. According to common beliefs, milk also helps to have a brighter skin.

Egg –

According to common beliefs, if you want a child with fair skin then you should eat white of egg in the second 3 months of your pregnancy. But the truth is it’s essential to eat whole egg during pregnancy. Most of the nutrients of an egg are in the egg yolk. So you should not avoid egg yolk.

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Fruits like cherry and Berry –

Fruits like cherry and Berry contain a high amount of anti-oxidant which will help to obtain a brighter skin colour and it also prevents any harm to the skin. That’s why, strawberry, blackberry, blueberry are eaten to have a bright skin colour.

Tomato –

Tomato contains lycopene which fights against ultraviolet ray and guards your skin against the harmful effects of sunlight. It is believed that eating tomatoes during pregnancy will help to obtain a bright skin colour of your child.

Orange –

Orange contains Vitamin C which is essential for the baby’s skin colour brighter. If you eat oranges during pregnancy, it will make your child’s skin healthy.

A human does not seek only brighter skin. So pregnant women should try to have a healthy, talented and normal child. That’s why, along with having a healthy diet pregnant women should bring positive changes in her lifestyle.

If you are used to taking alcohol then you should quit drinking alcohol. Keep your body weight perfect. If your weight is very high then it may result in the birth of a premature baby and may have a bad effect on the IQ of your child. Take a 30-minutes exercise regularly. It helps to develop the brain and other organs of your child. According to scientists, the fetus can hear and response. You can have a talk with your future child or can sing a song. Read religious books and biography of great people. According to some study, after birth a child will response to the voice, he/she previously heard during their stay in mother’s womb.


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