Anxiety depression stress

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According to the World Health Organization, in 2020, Anxiety depression stress will be the most common diseases in the world. But today, they are already considered of the highest importance.

They are the diseases that at work, cause more absences, withdrawals and presenteeism (being at work and not being able to produce), all over USA. And they go beyond the professional environment because they disturb the family and personal environment.

There are several types of depression and all are associated with an important anxiety component. They exist together, but you can feel one more or another.

Let’s talk about the most common type today – stress illness, generalized anxiety and anxious depression, caused by exhaustion.

They develop for months or years, with increasing and permanent symptoms, and you only notice when you are in a disorder when you are in a moderate to a severe state. Therefore, it is important to know the signs and symptoms to treat early.


Today people live in a mismatch between the amount of work, traffic, family problems and the cultivation of health and leisure. Over time this will cause a permanent wear that reaches the limit of each and becomes a disease.

The most common causes are hormonal changes (adrenaline and cortisol too high and too long) and metabolic (which change the transmission of neurotransmitters in the brain).

The amount of serotonin is always the same, but the transmission between neurons is altered. This can cause a change in communication between neurons, in large brain circuits, causing various physical and emotional consequences.


Physically there are some important symptoms that we can detect as:

  • Changes in quantity and quality of sleep;
  • Large increase in weight due to increased caloric intake;
  • Difficulties in feeding;
  • Weight loss;
  • Hormonal changes (sex hormones and others);
  • Loss of libido;
  • Gastritis;
  • Headache;
  • Body pain;
  • Drop of immunity;
  • Chronic fatigue;
  • Important changes in blood tests.

insomnia is very common and exhausting in these cases. Obesity is often derived from anxious-impulsive behaviours. The pain of anxiety-depletion depression is sometimes located in the back, but may be present in several different muscle groups.

Fibromyalgia is also a consequence of depression, an altered metabolic complex of hormones, inflammatory processes coordinated by the brain, end up in pains in various parts of the corpodifíceis to locate because they continuously change of place.

A headache, headache and migraine may increase in frequency.

The drop in immunity causes repeated viruses and recurrent infections.

Emotionally the person feels an important cognitive loss, which is the most devastating symptom, with the loss of concentration and operational memory, hindering the ability to make decisions, and loss of organization and priorities.

But know that all these symptoms can and should be treated.

Cognitive loss causes enormous loss of productivity to individuals and businesses. People are usually irritable and can become aggressive, some isolate themselves.
Physical and mental fatigue causes people to seek energy savings to the bare minimum, falling more and more into the home-work life cycle that further worsens the picture.

n addition, there is the difficulty of seeing plans, goals and ambitions, which makes day to day, even more meaningless.

The guilt of not being able to do things is common because the patient does not realize that he is sick. There is an important loss of family and personal life, still leading to negative thoughts about living or being alive.

There are many cases of physical crises of the anxiety of presenting tremor, sweating, tachycardia, shortness of breath and vertigo. And in these cases, they can still evolve into a panic crisis, which is an intense and desperate physical crisis.

A patient may be dysphoric (cry in a butter commercial) and minutes later have an angry outburst.

Many other symptoms can occur as a strong, permanent sense of fear from which the cause can not be located.

It is common to take the patient to abuse analgesics, caffeine, alcohol, smoking and illicit substances.

If we add cognitive loss with pain, sleep disturbance, appetite, libido, physical crises, chronic fatigue, irritation, impulsivity, we can say that it is an important disease that worsens all sectors of the life of any person.


Anxiety depression stress

The treatment is done by the psychiatrist who knows in depth the characteristic of each medication, and thus, will make a correct diagnosis and the orientations due

In many cases, antidepressants that treat the disease are prescribed, but it takes weeks for the patient to feel the improvement, requiring months to stabilize brain chemistry.

Referral to psychological treatment is essential for this patient to learn to see their problems and begin to solve them.

The psychiatrist must guide an urgent improvement in the person’s quality of life.

Perform tests for differential diagnosis, sleep and eat well, perform an aerobic physical activity, work, have fun, re-read, listen to music, go out, talk, travel, improve family life, spiritual, increase the diversity of activities, makes the brain Rest with this diversity.

Psychiatric medications are not strong, (what many do not know, is that a whole box of an antidepressant less strikes your stomach, liver and kidneys than anti-inflammatory in abuse and muscle relaxants), do not vitiate (except for the “black stripe – The tranquilizers “), do not bring happiness but stability and do not alter their personal characteristics, contrary to re-establish it.

Children, adolescents, adults, the elderly, and even pregnant use antidepressant remedies when necessary, prescribed by a psychiatrist.

When to look for a psychiatrist?

The longer it takes to treat worse, the more sequential seizures get worse, so do not waste time, at the sign of any of the symptoms listed above, look for a psychiatrist.

What many do not know is that “Anxiety depression stress” increases by 6 times the risk of cardiovascular disease. Chronic tension pain, anxiety, causes massive loss of neurons in the noblest area of the brain.

Anxiety and depression are a physical disease, which comes from changes in brain chemistry and cause important physical and mental symptoms.

People with chronic diseases – diabetes, SAH, traumatic or degenerative pains, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, stroke sufferers, head trauma, hypothyroidism, chemical dependence and substance abuse, people with neoplasia (cancer) and many others are serious candidates to develop Anxiety depression stress.

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