10 mistakes that hinder weight loss

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We are already arriving in March and it is time to put into practice the promise to eliminate the extra pounds and take advantage to acquire new healthy habits.

For this, it takes dedication and extra focus. And also knowledge, after all, many people dieting and still make some small mistakes that disrupt and significantly delay weight loss.

Today I’m going to show you these main mistakes!

Make restrictive diets

It may sound contradictory, but losing weight is not just about dieting, it is about living in balance. Many people when hearing the word diet already think of torture and many restrictions, but as you know, it does not have to be this way.

I lost 33kg and I did not have to stop eating anything I liked, as I showed in my diet HERE. A successful diet is related to the way food is handled and how to get a healthier lifestyle. Very restrictive diets will only make you more obsessive. You can even lose weight, but the risk of losing everything in the first slide is great. Therefore, focus on re-education or food.

Be radical

– Ideally, you start re-educating your habits. Slowly goes away. Worry about the quality of food and the benefits they will bring to your health. Become healthy and keep your balance always. This avoids the terrible accordion effect caused by fattening/thinning, which is the result of a lack of food.

Do not try to change habits overnight. A common mistake is to start cutting out everything you’ve been accustomed to eating for years. Take one step at a time. Learn to eat smart. Look for information and recipes that even healthy ones are hot and appealing. When you realize, old habits will be part of the past.

To achieve optimal weight and health, dieting is important, but physical exercise is very important. I started practising exercises from the beginning of my weight loss process ( see HERE ), and they were instrumental. Choose a physical activity that gives you pleasure and do a weekly program like teaching in this POST.

Focus only on calories

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– Do not eat just thinking about a number of calories. Of course, you also will not stick your foot in the jackfruit, but getting stuck in this detail will bring you bad experiences, as opposed to having a good and pleasant relationship with food. Focus on nutritious foods and in correct amounts. Start reading food labels and find foods that fit your goals. In this POST I teach how to read the labels. It is important to feed yourself thinking about macro and micronutrients as well, as it is the right choice of these foods that will dictate healthy weight loss.

Low-calorie diet and intense exercise

– When you cut drastically a number of calories you eat and do very intense aerobic exercises, you will most likely lose lean mass along with fat, and this will significantly disrupt your weight loss.

To reverse the situation, avoid low-calorie diets and intense cardio exercises. Do resistance training, such as bodybuilding, and eat foods that stimulate muscle building.

– It is a big mistake to believe that the fewer calories you ingest the more weight you will lose. Usually, this is a counter formula and you begin to slow down your weight loss. Remember to keep a balanced diet at all times and do not exclude food groups, including fats. As I have already told HERE, they are important for our body.

Tracing impossible goals

– Set well defined and intelligent goals. Guarantee how many pounds you intend to lose, how you will make it happen, what diet and exercise you will do. Do not set unreachable goals. If you do not hit them, you’ll feel frustrated and probably leave the boat on the way. Be strong and determined!

Do not know

– Be sure to learn how to lose weight with health. Knowing the factors that affect weight loss can prevent the other errors mentioned above. But remember: do not believe everything you read, especially when it seems to be too good or too easy. Look for trusted, research-based sites, books, and professionals. Get away from the fad diets and cheats that exist on every corner out there.

Do not exert yourself

– You start a diet re-education or diet, but soon it seems to be tiring and it becomes repetitive and you give up. She enrolls in the gym, goes once a week, and soon gives up as well. If you fall into this case, you lack enough effort and determination. Do not sabotage yourself! Find out the reasons why you always throw in the towel and it will not go to the end. Stay steady until you reach your goals, and then go beyond them.

– Look for a reliable doctor before starting a weight loss process. Doing a checkup is very important to know if you are healthy and can really do food re-education and practice the exercises without being harmed. Some people can not lose weight at all and then find out that it was due to some health problem. If you can, also look for a nutritionist, who is the professional trained to put together your diet plan and will help you a lot.

Health first always! Trust your potential and the results you expect will soon be hit!

So, did you like the tips? I want to know if you have already made any of these mistakes?

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